Indomie Independence Day Award for Heroes of Nigeria 2015

This is a Social Responsibility Initiative from Dufil Prima Foods Plc (makers of Indomie Instant Noodles). The award is geared towards the recognition of children who have against all odds exhibited extraordinary acts of heroism in the face of danger / societal challenges which have sometimes brought them injury.

The award eulogises the exemplary accomplishments of children who are young but yet matured, and have shown extraordinary courage and determination in situations that ordinarily would bring fear, discouragement and self-pity. There is no doubt that Nigeria is indeed fortunate and blessed to have young people with this nature of service and milk of human kindness flowing in them.

The future of this great country is secured with them as citizens, which is why we believe they need to be recognized and celebrated publicly to encourage their acts of heroism and patriotism. The impact of their heroism stands as an irrefutable endorsement of the exceptional human ability. At the 2015 event 3 winners emerged and their names are Abbas Nafarya Ibrahim, Innocent Yamawo and Najah Nuhu Al-Masih . They won N1,000,000 : N750,000 and N500,000 amongst many other prizes respectively.