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To be a certified vendor for De United Foods Ind. Ltd., you should have

  • Sound Financial background
  • Volume of business to have economies of scale
  • Well set distribution system to effectively cater to varying demands
  • An opportunity to provide a product or service profitably
  • Certification of all statutory requirements
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Central Procurement & Logistics Department is responsible for Planning and procurement operation in co-ordination with Marketing & Manufacturing Team.

De United Foods is having a huge local and global network of suppliers to cater to its need. Its annual purchase exceeds Naira 15.0 Billion per annum.

We strongly believe in total transparency and better governance to establish a long term and committed business relationship with all our suppliers. We value ethical practices in all our business dealings and enjoy high degree of confidence with our associates.

We are in continuous process of building strong vendor base for various items and procurement of bulk raw materials through contract processing is our strength.

Our commitment to quality is through application of rigorous quality standards within our business and the environment in which we operate.

We observe

  • Strict Vendor certification to ensure quality & reliable service
  • Regular testing and technical analysis
  • Prompt feedback to suppliers for continuous improvement
  • Compliance to our quality policy and systems

For being a De-United certified supplier one needs to adhere to the following points.

  • Offer Most Competitive Price
    • Suppliers to constantly strive for improved systems, innovative processes to handle their wastages & other costs effectively, to be competitive in their pricing structure.
    • We acknowledge and encourage the supplier's role to play in innovation, creativity and identification of new business proposals, which will improve value addition and result in growth to both the companies.
    • Our effort will be to extend all the technical & commercial support to the suppliers with an objective to achieve lowest cost for mutual benefits.
  • Thoroughly understand & Strictly follow Quality Guidelines
    • Superior quality is a competitive advantage and a joint effort by all the parties in the value chain. Suppliers are therefore considered an important link in this value chain to achieve our objective of offering consumers high quality nutritional products.
    • Our goal is to be able to rely on our supplier's competence and ability to implement well defined Quality Standards.
    • Suppliers must therefore be fully aware of our quality and safety standards, understand our quality policy, share our objectives and work together to achieve the required standards.
    • Suppliers need to be open and responsive to our requirements and provide necessary information on manufacture of their products for us.
  • Ensure uninterrupted supply
    • Our primary responsibility will be to provide timely & accurate information regarding delivery & suppliers to respond to our needs in a shortest possible time.
    • Successful execution of the contract demands for confidence and understanding of accuracy, clarity and completeness of the information.
    • Suppliers are extension of our business operations and are expected to constantly exchange information to ensure timely availability of all the goods of right quantity at right place.
    • Suppliers to strictly maintain the delivery schedules under all circumstances and respond to changing needs of our company.
  • Abide by contractual obligations at all times
    • Suppliers to be transparent in their dealings against all the odds and project the figures & facts to arrive at mutual agreement.
    • Better governance to establish long term business relationship is the responsibility of either party.
    • Therefore it is the joint responsibility of either party to agree on fare terms & conditions and abide by the contractual obligations at all times.
  • Safeguard against blockades from competitors
    • Un-fare trade practices cannot be entertained under any circumstances and always maintain strict confidence of the information for mutual benefits.
    • Either party to strive hard to safeguard their business interest against possible blockades from competition.
  • Demonstrate competitive edge through continuous improvement
    • Constant effort should be made to identify good management practices and processes to achieve cost effectiveness.
    • Demonstrate implementation of new ideas in shortest possible time to have edge over others.