About us

Guiding Principles


This is the confidence in or the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability or surety of a person. You can't work progressively with a person you don't trust.
Trust brings integrity, motivates and strengthens competence, hard work and loyalty.
It comes naturally with family but we have extended this culture to business as well, because it is a way of life. We don't live a different life at work and a different one at home.


This goes beyond openness. It is more of an extension of trust. Being open about what we do, whether it is passionate or dispassionate.
People find it a lot easier to play along when they are informed and are involed directly or indirectly in the decision making processes. It is also important that all involved are fully convinced and believe in the decision being made.

Win - Win

Our passion to win strives on maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship, where there's always concern for the other party. We operate a total sum, not a zero sum theory, neither a cow-boy show, but a team game where everyone has a part to play to ensure that everyone is a winner at the end of the day.

Mutual Respect

We believe in respect for each other irrespective of age, nationality, sex, caste, religion etc. Respect for humanity, human dignity and diversity, which puts us above the hurdles and problems these differences may bring.
We keep in mind the adage that says 'respect is reciprocal'.
You don't command respect, you earn it!

Long - Term Commitment

Our crave for long term benefits and goodwill builds in us a futuristic mind-set that guides all that we do in the organization.
The success of our organizational strategy depends largely on the ability of each individual to strategize and work today for tomorrow's good!