Indomie Fan Club

The Indomie fan club is a group of young people who are supportive of and enthusiastic about Indomie, and Indomie Noodles, the number one food for children in many Nigerian families today.

The idea for the Indomie fan club came about as a way creating a forum for all lovers and supporters of Indomie to get to know each other and share exciting moments. Through the endorsement of children- our number one consumers, the club will also create more of an avenue for them to be spokesmen of the Indomie brand. The Objective is to make the Indomie Fan Club a crucial part of every child's (5-12yrs old) daily lifestyle - one they can proudly call their 'OWN'and own 'IT'. An emotional bond between the child and Indomie is a relation that we hope to develop so as to last a lifetime. Children are the owner of the brand and we the custodians! To Learn more about the Indomie fan club click Here